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Build badass and fastest websites with Bloocks, a static websites generator to build Ecommerce and sites on top of tech specs.

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What is Bloocks

Bloocks is an hybrid static website generator built up on leatest web technologies. Is made to create quickly higth quality websites stuffs, like landing pages, squeeze pages, blogs and ecommerce. Bloocks is made to have the possibility to build up littles web portal for testing out to the world your business ideas, without spend a penny.


Your Bloocks website will have 90% to 98% of speed index in tools like GMetrix Or Google speed test.


Bloocks is created to build your front end quickly as possible, to focus on your business ideas and don't waste time in tecnical stuffs.

Cookies Compilant

Bloocks is cookie complilant ready, you need only to config Google tag manager to work with.

Design fast

Use pre build design blocks to write your website.

Top technologies

Bloocks is build with the leatest tecnologies. Is made to be integrated whit any other tecnologies avaible to the market.


Bloocks is ready to host your ecommerce in static websites. To have the quickest possible tool to sell online.

Landing pages

Bloocks, in some hours of work, can make you able to launch landing pages that respect the most important UX standards, and marketing hooks to build your list.


You can create an hight quality, quick blog, with the right tecnical stuffs to be SEO ready.

Production ready

After the first build, bloocks is ready for production. No stupid optimizing things are needed.

Use Bloocks

You can create web pages or entirly static websites with prebuild bloocks, made for increase developing process and go out to test your business ideas blazing fast and cheap as possible.

Write your bloock

Bloocks is made to build your pages in blocks, quick and simple pre-coded tools; just write your requests, and wach what bloocks build for you.

Here a sample of a single Bloock in action.

<!-- Create a sub bloock that will be contained in the main Bloock -->

{% capture your_sub_bloock %}

  {% include bloocks/components/your-bloock-component.html

    content= 'This a content in the sub_bloock'


  {% include bloocks/components/button.html

    id= 'test'

    content= 'Button CTA'

    href= ''

    target= 'blank'

    icon= 'path/of-the-button/icon'

    animation= 'ping'


{% endcapture %}


<!-- The main Bloock that render a part of your web page -->

{% include bloocks/hero/tailblocks/img-top-center.html

    title= 'The title of the bloock'

    content= your_sub_bloock

    image= 'relative-path/image.png'

    imgalt= 'bloocks image'

    imgid= 'bloocksimg'


Write down all bloocks and create your web page

After you learn how to build a bloock, you'll be able to write down a series of bloocks. That will make your web page, fast!

Launch your build and enjoy!

With your bloocks series, you'll made your web page. Now is time to build and deploy it with some simple commands.

Unlawful advantages in the eyes of competitors

Was created to be able, without being a genius of web development, to create front end interfaces that exploit the same technologies that the big names in industry use.

Hosting for free

Learn the skills that will You can host your Bloocks websites for free on top industry cloud services, tools like Github Pages, Netlify, Vercel, etc.

Top for SEO indexing

Is studied to have the right structure to be SEO ready. It use structure, right HTML, JS, CSS placements, have right structure metadata for sharing.

Speed under 2 seconds

The speed of your site is realy important. Bloocks pass most famous speed tests like GMetrix and Google speed insign.

CDN for everything

It uses free CDN technologies to serve static files and images. That increase radically the performaces of your website.

Automatic image optimization

Bloocks, when it built, will generate automatically right images sizes for all your website. Make to improve performaces and reduce work under your site in unless optimization

Antonio Trento creator of Bloocks static website generator

Bloocks rocks! A new level tool, for developers, freelances and small business, to create prelaunch tools, testing business ideas or create the right web precence.

Antonio Trento
Bloocks creator

Crafted with Awesomeness

Radical Feature Set

Filled to the rim with radical features and rock'n sock'n tools.

Lightning Fast Speed

Built and crafted with speed to take your game back to the next-level!

Fully Customizable

Every element and component is customizable to fit the needs of your application.

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